Friday 19th January

Haiku time again,

That’s poetry from Japan.

Count the syllables.


The beats in the lines,

Should be five, seven then five,

To make it just right.


I asked the children

To make a haiku poem

About animals.


Their work was superb

Well done Guzal and Arman

Absolutely great.


Science was great fun,

Sam the soundman was so good,

He taught us so much.


Vibration and waves,

Air particles and bridges,

And amplifiers.


Plus all about pitch,

And how to make instruments,

From recycled things.

Beautiful maths work

From many children this week

When they drew their graphs


Great presentation

Accurate work with rulers

Data now looks good


Mrs Stott will laugh

At the last verse that I wrote

She will spot a pun.


Lots more laughs this week

When we made string telephones

We learned a lot too.

The best partnership

Was Olaseni and Jess

Brilliant effort


Our values lesson

Was about democracy

We all got our say.


Which flavour is best?

Was the question that I asked.

The vote was taken.


Appalling result

Most children chose prawn cocktail.

Hideous flavor.


Now I have to buy

29 packets of crisps

That I really hate.


On Monday it’s worse.

I’m supposed to eat a pack.

Majority rule.


Learners of the Week:

Sonny and also Stella.

Really wonderful.


Amazing effort

In everything they have done.

I can’t ask for more.


I could say much more

But syllables limit me

They will understand.


I must also thank

Singher and Susan too,

As well as Ramtin


Homework for this week:

An English writing challenge,

Maths sheet on Monday.


I’d better stop now

I can’t help talking like this

Mrs. Moore is cross.


Have a good weekend.

I will see you all next week

Haiku blog is done


Mr. Moore

Friday 1st December

Hi everyone,

This week I have been smiling more than usual, and not just because we’re getting closer to Christmas. There has been more proof than ever that I have a brilliant class who are really interested in learning.

Lilly Anna and Lubaya have been full of confidence this week and have been making good progress in making maths a ‘friendlier’ subject. Arman amazed me with his homework where he explained how to use chunking to solve division problems, and almost everyone in the class is becoming faster when completing times table grids. Ramtin has made me very proud by being so kind and helpful in so many ways this week. Mrs. Whiteley came to see me on Thursday just to tell me how much he impressed her when he attended a School Council meeting. He went out of his way to make sure that a younger child felt confident and understood what they had to do. She might not know it but Evie Rae has taken some important steps this forward week. She has stood up to my terrible teasing several times and it has really pleased me to see her stand up for herself. Liam and Euanson have also had a really good week but they may also be unaware of how much I have appreciated their efforts and contributions. They might not have noticed how much support and help they have given to the class by explaining their thinking, and describing how to solve problems in maths lessons. I have noticed, and I am grateful. This week has also been a good week for Guzal and Leigha who have shown a great improvement in focus and work rate.

Out of 62 classes who entered the recent Leeds Sumdog contest, 4DM came 4th. This pleased me but what absolutely thrilled me is that Naza was placed 39th out of 715 students. She correctly answered 909 questions out of 1000 questions at an average speed of 4 seconds. Wow! This was a superb performance and I hope that she is sharing her good news with as many people as possible. Congratulations Naza! My class managed to answer 16778 questions during the competition. Eleven children answered 1000 questions each. I think my brain might pop if I tried to do that.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to attend the Rewind to Christmas event at Moortown Baptist Church. Y4DM met children from other schools, learned about the story of the birth of Jesus, and made some beautiful candleholders using clay. Thank you to Mr. Sherbourne for taking some superb pictures to show me the wonderful things that I missed, and thanks to Mrs. Bentley and Mr. Quirk for looking after my class.

During Gold Book Assembly today we celebrated the progress of Stella, Susan and Rhys. Rhys was chosen for being such a terrific influence and example to the other boys in my class. He is full of energy and enthusiasm, but also calm, polite, thoughtful and always kind. Susan’s work is always brilliant. She puts in maximum effort whatever the subject. Her concentration is excellent and she takes great pride in the presentation of her work. I chose Stella for her constantly positive attitude and of course for the extremely high standard of all her work. When given a difficult challenge, Stella simply smiles, gets on with the task, and almost always succeeds.

I made the choice of Learners of the Week of the week easy. I decided to think about which pupils never complain and just keep going. If Elvis Husky and I ever try to cross Antarctica, I would want Elyssa and Ronnie with us every step of the way. They would never give up whatever the problem. We would get there. I have no doubt. Patience, gentleness, determination and resilience are qualities that they have in abundance.

Homework: English – spellings and CGP books (pronouns). Maths – p.50 (clocks). Another 50 word writing challenge will be set on Monday.

We’ll be meeting with children from Brodetsky Primary School next Thursday as part of the Inter Faith project. We plan to share with them some of what we have learned about light through dance, art, music, science and RE.   I am certain that the children from Brodetsky will be delighted by what they will see and hear, and by the new friends that they will meet.

Have a great weekend, and to your children; be safe, be well, be good, and please be here on Monday.

Mr. Moore

Hi everyone

The science challenge for this week was to make a torch. Deacon was hugely enthusiastic and continually tried to improve his model. Susan and Stella made a beautifully designed lamp, which included a handle.

Olaseni shared his superb homework with as many teachers as we could find today. Miss Willis, Miss Noble, Miss Bell, Mr. Spink, Mrs. Bentley and Mrs. Johnston were all totally charmed by his recipe for a life full of love. Olaseni combined all the right ingredients (kindness, family, prayer and laughter) to create a magnificent menu.

Homework for this week: p80 and 81 in the English books (ly spelling) and division worksheets. The focus for the Sumdog challenge for this weekend is also division facts.

My choices for Learner of the Week are Andrea and Rayhan. Rayhan has had a faultless week. He has worked hard in every lesson and his attitude has been brilliant. Andrea has been chosen for similar reasons; perfect behaviour and 100% effort, but these are attributes that she displays in abundance every day. How she has been exceptional is by showing the confidence to challenge and argue with me when she knows that she is right. Rayhan = a gentleman. Andrea = a strong young lady.

This week we composed a letter to our class governor. Everyone wrote about what it is like to be in Y4DM. Here’s a sneak preview of what Mr. Dyal will read. Evie Rae wanted him to know that in Y4DM we are all friends and we are all kind to each other. Benjamin would like to know how old he is, and what his favourite topic would be. Euanson decided to confess to Mr Dyal to know that he rates his learning attitude as 6 out of 10 but I think he deserves at least an 8. Stella wrote that she is getting smarter and cleverer everyday, Elyssa wants Mr. Dyal to know what a great mum she has, and Harley would like him to know that if you use more than 2 wires in a circuit then the bulb will fade.

Lubaya wrote that to be in Mr.Moore’s class is a gift and makes us special in a way.

For once, I am finally lost for words.

Have a great weekend.

Mr. Moore

Friday 6th October

Hi everyone

Decades of ancient British history have been learned this week in Y4. My pupils have soaked up knowledge and facts like a sponge absorbs water. We have found out about Roman gods and goddesses, we’ve learned about the different tribes that made up Britain, and we’ve discovered that a warrior queen named Boudicca led a rebellion that almost brought freedom from Rome.

Maths No Problem focus has been rounding and addition.  I am really pleased with how much progress we have made this week.  Being able to round to 10, 100 and 1000 is incredibly helpful when you are trying to solve addition and subtraction problems (our maths focus for next week).

Learners of the Week are Giselle and Rhys. They have shown that they can ignore distraction and focus on learning and making progress in every lesson.  Giselle’s self discipline, her attitude and her effort has been utterly faultless, and Rhys has been a perfect example of how a young man should behave in Y4. Credit should be given to Deacon,Sonny, Olaseni, Naza, Stella, Andrea, Jessica and many other children who are providing fierce competition.  I also want to say how pleased I am with Hamza. He has taken every opportunity possible to continue learning at home through his extra contributions to our Google classroom.

I’m looking forward to a tasty week ahead. We’ll be investigating the melting point of chocolate, plus it’s International Café on Thursday.  Please contribute if you can.  I have a bigger appetite than you might think.

Homework – English books p.36 and 37 (capital letters and full stops), and page 12 of the Maths book (rounding).

3914 classes have entered the national Sumdog contest so I suppose that to be in 359th place after day one isn’t too bad. The thing that bothers me is that Mr. Kay’s class is ahead of us. Please encourage your child to spend some time on Sumdog this weekend. We need to show Y6 who the real top dogs are at ACE.

Have a great weekend everyone, and to my class; be safe, be good and be here on Monday.

Mr. Moore




Y4 DM Friday 15th September

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Y4 DM. This is where I get to celebrate the amazing achievements that your child will make in Y4, and to remind myself how why I still love being a teacher. So here goes …

As usual, many children have soaked up computing skills very quickly. The majority of them can now upload work to our Google classroom independently. Being able to use the internet confidently and safely is crucial in Y4. We will be making the most of opportunities to use online learning at school and at home. In Y4 DM lessons don’t finish at 3:10pm and my classroom doesn’t close for the holidays.

I think that my class and I are beginning to understand each other. Mr. Moore requires more. Although some children have found it hard quite to adjust to a new level of expectation, many of my pupils have shown that they are going to have a good year in Y4DM. Kyron and Rhys are really impressing me with their calm and hard working attitudes, and Andrea, Singher, Susan and Stella have provided a perfect example in every minute of every day. Well done also to Deacon for showing stronger self-discipline, Olaseni for his mature and helpful attitude, and to Giselle for demonstrating improved determination and focus.

Our first science topic is all about solids, liquids and gases. After sorting objects into different groups we made a substance that can be solid and liquid at the same time. Ramtin and Hamza were so inspired that they went home and made their own ‘slime’ from cornflour and water. All went well until today, when the inevitable disaster happened. To cut a long story short, at least clothes and classrooms can be cleaned. More science fun and learning next week when we’ll try to inflate a balloon using a chemical reaction. What could possibly go wrong?

Homework for this week: spellings, home reading books, and a worksheet about ordering numbers to 9999. If you have internet access please encourage your child to complete the times table challenge that I have set for my class on Sumdog Maths. All children have a Lexia Core 5 license, so if possible, provide 20 minutes for them to work on their reading skills.

I hope that you will be able to attend the Parents’ Meeting next Wednesday where I will be able to share more about how we can make Y4 a very happy successful year for your child.

Have a great weekend

Mr. Moore