Friday 18th May

Hi everyone

This week has left me exhausted. Hopefully more than a few children feel the same but I think that some pupils need to think about whether they have given all that they could.

There has been no lack of effort from Sonny.  His Viking saga has grown even longer and is now even more thrilling and entertaining.  Next week we will record at least some of his masterpiece when we work on bringing the best ideas of Y4 together in a collaborative story.

Please ask your child why King Alfred is called The Great. We found the answers by searching the Internet with our new iPads (thank you Mrs Stott). More knowledge and computing skills were gained when the children used KeyNote, Slides or Pages to record and present information about the countries that will take part in the football World Cup in Russia.

Gold Book stars today were Lubaya and Euanson. Lubaya was chosen for excellent progress in Maths. Through hard work and determination she has become more confident, more able, and best of all, she actually enjoys Maths lessons nowadays.

Euanson is an outstanding mathematician but he has been selected for Gold Book for helping to inspire good reading habits in class. Whenever he has a spare moment Euanson can be found with his head buried in a very thick and challenging book.  Many of the boys now follow his excellent example.

Lexia Legend is Kyron (33 units), and Sumdog Superstar is Susan (355 questions – 100% correct answers). We must make sure that we make the most of these online opportunities. The impact of regular Lexia usage is extraordinary. There has been a 66% increase in the number of children working at or above age group expectations in reading. Average progress in Maths measured by Sumdog is 10 months.

Giselle, Jessica, Andrea, Olaseni, Deacon, Stella, Rayhan and Ramtin have impressed but my choices for Learners of the Week are Arman and Hamza. Both of these boys bring positive energy to our classroom. They have shown that they are keen to learn and to make progress. Whenever they have found their work difficult, Arman and Hamza have demonstrated the vital learning skills of resilience and resourcefulness. They also completed their homework tasks.

All pupils were given just one piece of homework today. I am hoping that everyone will complete it and return it. Too many children still think that homework doesn’t matter. There are less than 400 school days left before they will be doing SATs.

Let’s try to make every day a good one.

Have a good weekend

Mr Moore

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