Friday 27th April

Hi everyone

It’s my birthday on Sunday. Here’s a list of all the presents that I was given.

  1. The pleasure of teaching the children about Jadav Payang (the forest man of India) and the value of Service.
  2. The work that Harley did for her mum in case she couldn’t make it to our Assembly.
  3. Sonny’s determination to work out how to complete his iMovie project.
  4. The progress on Lexia made by Lubaya, Benjamin, Lilly Anna, Leigha, Giselle, Kyron, Rhys and Ronnie.
  5. Fatimah’s help.
  6. Elyssa and Abigail’s gorgeous handwriting.
  7. Deacon’s level of concentration.
  8. The ability of Naza to avoid distraction.
  9. Hamza’s computing skills.
  10. Jessica’s attitude to learning.
  11. Ramtin’s resilience and his strength to get through difficult times.
  12. Euanson’s keenness to learn new maths skills.
  13. Arman writing in his home language to share the story of St George.
  14. The return of Rayhan.
  15. The willingness of Evie Rae to challenge me when I make her cross.
  16. Xavier and Andrea’s progress in maths and Liam’s mental arithmetic test result.
  17. The perfect example that Susan shows to others.
  18. Olaseni’s kind comments about others.
  19. Stella’s infectious enthusiasm and her relentless positivity.
  20. Guzal keeping in touch with us on Google Classroom.
  21. The excitement of doing an Assembly about nothing.
  22. The wonderful support of Mrs. Bentley, Mrs. Johnston and Mrs. Potter.
  23. Mr. Spink’s kind words about me during Collective Worship on Monday.
  24. The chance to spread the knowledge of how to make a work of art with ball of foil and a hammer.
  25. Mrs. Stott’s patience.
  26. All the effort that Singher gives every week to provide such beautifully presented homework.

Thank you Y4.

Have a great weekend

PS: If you multiply the number of gifts that I received by 2 then you can work out how old I am.

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